"My Hope Is In God"

“We will strive to be a fraternity that fulfills our Masonic obligation to care for our members”

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Within every well maintained organization, silently behind the scenes, there is a group of dedicated individuals working diligently to ensure success. The more effective they are - the less observable they become. This page exists to recognize and say "thank you" to those within the Valley of Green Bay who relentlessly provide for its continuing existence.










920-499-7980 (Valley Office)

Treasurer Dennis M. Korth, 32°  

920-733-3013 (home)
920-419-1977 (cell)


Valley Trustee Moses H. Adams, III, 32° 715-732-1384
Valley Trustee Dennis M. Korth, 32°  

920-733-3013 (home)
920-419-1977 (cell)


Valley Trustee Ill\ Craig J. Cloutier, 33° 920-450-4517
Membership Trustee
Dennis H. Pauli, 32°, MSA  

920-434-5999 (home)
920-360-2049 (cell)


Membership Trustee
Ill\ Thomas S. Pinney Jr., 33°, MSA 920-743-2759 (home)
920-493-3727 (cell)




Membership Trustee


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